Friday, January 09, 2009

Keeping abreast of new posts and updates

The blog list in the sidebar automatically updates when I post something new in one of the other Madison Central High School blogs. Recent updates include an announcement about the date for the 2009 All-Central Reunion in Alumni and Reunion News; an obituary for Fess Hotel owner, Perry Fess (Class of 1906), accompanied by a newspaper article featuring artwork from two other Central alumni, photographer George Stein and illustrator John Schmelzer, in the archive for obituaries published prior to 1990; an obituary for Thomas Lloyd Jones, a Madison [Central] High School school principal who was also the cousin of another MCHS alumnus, architect Frank Lloyd Wright, in the obituary archives for teachers, administrators, and staff; and a 1970 poster by the ubiquitous John Schmelzer in the Central history blog.