Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A bit of Christmas nostalgia: A visit to see Santa Claus at Manchester's on the Capitol Square

Photograph by Arthur M. Vinge, probably taken during the late 1940s; Wisconsin Historical Image ID:WHi-34497

Did you go to see Santa at Manchester's? Leave a comment and share a Christmas season memory.

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dougstrand said...

I went to see Santa at Macy's in NYC last Christmas and that was pretty cool but this picture of Manchester's Santa is even better. He hasn't aged a bit. My oldest Aunt, Aveline Natvig, (Nat) worked on the third floor in the women's department there for probably 20 years. I believe that she always filled the place with Christmas spirit.
When I graduated from the UW in 1969, my Mother said that I had to go to Manchester's right away because Aunt Aveline wanted to give me a graduation present! She let me have any wallet in the store! I kept the wallet for years! I took it for granted at the time, but thinking back, the look of pride in me on her face for graduating from the UW was worth more than 100 wallets! Merry Christmas, Aunt Aveline! I know you're looking down from Heaven!!