Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another slice of the Greenbush Neighborhood will soon be replaced by yet another apartment complex

The Capital Times reports that another Greenbush landmark is [finally] headed for destruction. Destroyed by a fire in 2004, the building that once housed Josie's Spaghetti House, co-owned by Joanne Schuepbach Jensen (Class of 1956), will be demolished and replace by a six-story apartment complex.

According to an article by Lisa Schuetz, published in the Wisconsin State Journal on July 20, 2004 (a few days after the fire):
Josie's [was] a longstanding neighborhood fixture and the last restaurant of any kind on the corner of Park and Regent streets, an area nicknamed Spaghetti Corners by Truax Field servicemen in the 1940s.

The building originally held Jimmie's (Puccio) Spaghetti House. It's neighbors were DiSalvo's Spaghetti House, Bunky's (Capadona), The Roman Inn (Ciulla), and Tiny's (Quartuccio) Lunch, according to Catherine Tripalin Murray's foreword in "A Taste of Memories from the Old Bush" cookbook.

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