Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obituaries archives updates

Just a reminder: I regularly update the obituary archives for Madison Central High School alumni. Yesterday, I added one for Ralph W. "Pat" Loy, a member of the Class of 1926, who had celebrated his 100th birthday in February of this year.

Last Monday, I added one for Lee M. Wagner. I'm not certain what class he was in, but I believe he was a year ahead of us. I do recall that he was blond and handsome (and that I wasn't the only girl in the seventh grade that thought so...).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Identifying the players on the 1946-47 Madison Central High School Basketball Team

This afternoon, I added a post to the Madison Central High School History blog, asking for help in identifying the players in a photograph of the 1946-47 basketball team. Even if that was long before or after your time at Central, take a look at the photograph (taken in the gym). If you can identify any members of the team, leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Reminder to check the other Central blogs, too

Because of the way blogs are structured, this blog is part of an interrelated family of blogs about Madison Central High School. Several are used as archives for obituaries for teachers and alumni from other classes. One is devoted to the history of the high school (1854-1969). I regularly update the blog containing over 600 obituaries published after 1990. When I have time, I also add older obituaries to both this blog and the one containing obituaries published prior to 1990.

Tonight, I added a new post about banister-sliding to the Madison Central High School History Blog. There also is a link to the entire history blog in the right hand column (under the donate button). The history blog now has more than 100 posts, so be sure to look for earlier posts while you're there. You can access all of them using the pull-down "Archives" menu near the bottom of the right had column (just above the Flicker images).