Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Once again it's time to round up the usual suspects

The Class of 1965 reunion committee meeting at Fyfe's in August 2005 to plan the 40th reunion. Front row, left to right: Ralph Guerin, Craig Garrett, John Bruns. Back row, left to right: Tom Niemczyk and Cathy Downs (missing from the photo is Jane Wadsworth Blandino).

While I was out walking tonight, a car pulled over to the curb and someone tried to catch my attention: It was Ralph and Linda Guerin -- so of course, I asked him why he hadn't responded to my email about having a reunion committee meeting.

Ralph said he's retired and no longer has e-mail, but he was easily persuaded to assume responsibility for contacting reunion committee members and convening a meeting. I'd already heard from Craig and Jane. Craig said he was willing to meet most anywhere. Jane wanted to meet at the usual place -- Fyfe's on East Washington Avenue -- but it's closed. I told Ralph that as I was walking I'd been thinking about meeting places and it occurred to me that Papa Phil's on Monroe Street might be an idea worth considering: It's owned by Phil Clemente (Class of 1960) and while I've never been there, I've heard reports from other alumni that the good is good.

Since Ralph is going to contact committee members the old-fashioned way -- by telephone -- he should be able to reach Cathy and Tom, whose e-mails bounced back because the addresses were out of date, and John, whose e-mail didn't bounce back, but who hasn't replied either.

The reason for the meeting would be to set the date for the 45th reunion in 2010. At the 40th reunion there was a consensus that the 45th should be the first weekend in October after the World Dairy Expo that there wasn't a Badger home football game at Camp Randall. By my reading of the schedules, that means the weekend of October 22-24, 2010, but we need to meet to make it official.

If you've been yearning to help plan the next Class of 1965 reunion and you're willing to attend a couple of meetings over the next two years, send me an e-mail or drop me a postcard and we'll be glad to have you join us.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Dane County Historical Society presents "I Remember Central High School!!" -- but they forgot to tell most of us about it

The weather forecast for Saturday, June 7th is sunny and warm, so lots of people in the Madison area are no doubt planning to spend time outdoors. Perhaps they'll head Downtown to shop (or gawk) at the Dane County Farmers' Market, where they'll also find the annual Cows on the Concourse event taking place.

Maybe they'll head down the the Memorial Union Terrace to soak up some sun and enjoy the Isthmus Jazz Festival, mosey over to Yahara Park to participate in the Marquette Waterfront Festival, enjoy the music at the Brooklyn Bluegrass Festival, or visit the Henry Vilas Zoo.

Maybe a few of them will drop by the downtown campus of MATC to attend the Dane County Historical Society's program featuring a couple of Madison Central High School alumni -- if, that is, they even know about the event described in the flyer shown below:

I discovered this flyer by accident on Monday: I was at the Stoughton Public Library doing some research and just happened to see the flyer on a bulletin board next to the photocopy machine. Naturally, I made a photocopy, which I scanned and transformed into a format I could post here. I just wish the Dane County Historical Society did a better job of publicizing events such as this one. If they'd sent me a copy of this flyer when it was first issued, I would have posted it then. Now, it's a little bit late for most people to include this event in their plans for Saturday.

If you read the fine print at the bottom of the flyer, you'll learn that there's a potentially interesting development afoot. I'd like to be able to provide more details about this development, but I won't be able to attend the event. Saturday is my birthday and I have other plans.

I will, however, attempt to find out more about the digitization of The Mirror and post a report here when I have more information.

A recent addition to the Class of 1965 alumni obituaries

I've just added a link to an obituary for James Schmitz to the list of deceased classmates on the right hand side of the blog.

This is the first obituary for a member of our class that does not "reside" in this blog. When you click on the link, you will be taken to an archive that now contains more than 500 obituaries for Central alumni who've died since 1990. I read the Madison obituaries almost every day and update this archive whenever necessary. If you want to explore it further, use the search box in the upper left hand corner of the blog, or use the tags indicating class year at the bottom of a post to find other members of that class.

With the exception of James Schmitz, all other Class of 1965 obituaries still "reside" in this blog, since it was the first one I created. I will gradually be moving them to the other blog to make it more comprehensive, but you will continue to find a list on this page (just the links will change).

My thanks to Jane Wadsworth Blandino for bringing this obituary to my attention. There was also a James Schmitz in the Class of 1963, so I had originally mis-labeled this obituary. However, today I called the funeral home and confirmed that the man described in this obituary is indeed James David Schmitz, a member of our class.