Saturday, February 23, 2008

Russ Loniello (Class of 1965) will be performing at the Madison Marriott on May 4, 2008

Right now, with snow piled high, temperatures below freezing, and more snow due to arrive on Monday, the Merry Month of May seems far, far, away.

On Sunday, May 4, 2008 Russ Loniello (Class of 1965) is headlining a variety show at the Madison Marriott and he'd like to see lots of his fellow Madison Central High School alumni in the audience. If you're interested in seeing Russ perform, however, you need to make reservations by March 27, 2008** (when we may still have snow on the ground). Details about the show and how to make reservations are on the image below, which is a JPG created from a PDF. The best way to read it is to double click on the image to enlarge it in your browser window.

**Update (3/31/2008): Russ sent an e-mail saying that the reservation deadline has been extended to April 17, 2008.

**Update (6/23/2008): Russ sent an e-mail saying the show has been postponed indefinitely. Please do not call him since no further details are available at this time.

For more information about The Russ Loniello Show, visit the show's website.

And if you want to see a sample of Russ's performance, check out this YouTube video with excerpts from a show he did in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina:

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