Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Celebrating the University of Wisconsin's 159th birthday -- and the Central connection

Tuesday afternoon, I attended a Founders' Day celebration at Tripp Commons in the Memorial Union. Founders' Day celebrates the birthday of the University of Wisconsin on February 6, 1849. On that date, 159 years ago, the first University of Wisconsin classes were held in a building on Wisconsin Avenue that had previously housed the Madison Female Academy.

A few years later, in 1858, that building on Wisconsin Avenue was sold to the Madison School Board. It became the first permanent home to Madison [Central] High School. If you'd like to read more about this year's Founders' Day celebration and see a drawing of the Madison Female Academy building, check out this post on my "Something else to do..." blog.

There's also another "Central connection" to Founders' Day: Walter Frautschi, editor of the 1920 Tychoberahn, was president of the University of Wisconsin Class of 1924 and helped to organize the first Madison celebration of Founder's Day 84 years ago.


D Strand said...

Very nice looking cake in Tripp Hall. And a good Bucky Badger. I like that fierce Bucky that we grew up with better than the Mamby Pamby one that they had for a few years. Maybe we're winning again because we went back to the fierce Bucky. The UW has always been one of the best universities in the country; The Harvard of the midwest as I like to tell my Bostonian friends out here. I'm sure you had a great time, Nadine. ON WISCONSIN, GRAND OLD BADGER STATE!!

Mimi said...

I just stumbled upon your blogs, Nadine. What a wonderful job you are doing! I did not go to Central - well, not the Central in Madison - but I lived on Langdon Street in the early 1980s and loved the area and always wondered about the building, knowing it had been a high school before it was MATC. I love the neighborhood and often revisit it on the Web - hence my discovery of your work.