Friday, January 18, 2008

New photographs added to Alumni Flickr account

Michael Vahldieck (Class of 1968) sent me a CD with 41 photographs he took at the memorial service for English teacher Marie Garness in October. I have now uploaded all of them to the Central Alumni Flickr account. I don't know all the people in the photographs, so if you can provide information, send me an email or leave a comment or tag on the photograph if you have a Flickr account. There's no charge for a basic Flickr account, so you may want to create one in order to leave comments and tags.

If you haven't stopped by my personal blog for a while, you may want to pay it a visit. Many of the posts on that blog are about Madison. Recently, for instance, I wrote about the changing face of Madison, focusing on all the high rise buildings that are being constructed in the campus area. I also wrote about the amazing Flickr photostream from the Library of Congress (no Madison photos there yet, but lots of other fascinating photographs).

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