Thursday, July 05, 2007

Activity update

Most of what I've been posting, lately on the Madison Central High School blogs has been a bit behind the scenes. I continue to update the obituary archives. Recently, for instance, I've posted obituaries for a member of the Class of 1920 and a member of the Class of 1967 in the archives for obituaries published after 1990. I've also posted an obituary for a member of the Class of 1966 and a member of the Class of 1907 (whose five children later graduated from Central, too) in the archives for obituaries published prior to 1990.

The Blogger search engine (upper left hand corner of the blog) has been greatly improved. If you're looking for a particular person or date, try using it. And, as always, if you have a copy of an obituary for someone who is not yet included in the archives, please contact me so I can add it.

I continue to do research about the history of Central, but don't have the time to write about all my discoveries, especially since I've started a personal blog covering a wider range of subjects. I hope you'll take time to visit it, too. Tonight, I posted a continuation of the "Dirty dancing" and "Puking in the parking lot" posts there. When they were originally published here in January, they prompted a lot of comments. I hope more people will join in the conversation now that I've resumed it in a more general forum.

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D Strand said...

This new post has prompted me to reread my own comments. Those were really fun times. I remember hanging out in Shorewood with Danny Fix and Jim Dalbeck the night we graduated and contemplating my future like Benjamin Bradock! I was really excited about what life was going to be like after Central. I still didn't know anything about Rusty's, The Bunny Hop, or The Black Lemon yet. Yes, Nadine, it seems that stories about those places are the most interesting. Surely, there must be more 1965 Centralites who went there and could tell us some stories on your blog besides Marlene, Nancy, Janet, you, Nadine, and me! How about you, Harold?