Thursday, June 07, 2007

Teacher Obituary: Mr. Lindl

Mr. Lindl, who taught at Central for many years, died Tuesday. The obituary is posted in the archives. Click HERE to read it.

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D Strand said...

Thanks, Nadine. I remember Mr. Lindl. He was very tall and thin with glasses, I believe. I never had him for a class, though. I looked for him in The '65 Ty but he wasn't there. He must have gone to LaFollette before that. I think that he was pretty good friends with Mr. Peter Olson. I found it interesting that he was a founding member of St. Maria Goretti church. I remember all of those Catholic churches by their sports teams and St. Maria Goretti did have teams in the Parochial League, I believe, but I think that they came into the league after I had gone as a player and later as a coach. In my opinion, being a founder of that church was his greatest accomplishment, but I don't know very much about his life, only that he was a member of the Central "family"!