Monday, May 21, 2007

Something else to do...

Yes, the rumors are true: I've created another blog that doesn't have a "Central connection." I have no plans to abandon this blog or its siblings, but I want to focus my energy on the Central History Blog, as well as on writing about a wide range of other topics, too.

The new blog is called "Something else to do..." and if you want to take a look at it, click HERE. Rather than starting from the ground up, I've populated the new blog with some posts that originally appeared here, as well as posts from the now defunct Madison Culture Vulture experiment (too limiting). There's also a post that began as a long Flickr description, and several recent posts, including one about Sunday's Syttende Mai parade in Stoughton.

I've also done some housekeeping on this blog. I've removed (and archived) many of the posts that were stale announcements of events long passed. I'm also continuing to replace the old "washed out" photos that appeared in many posts with the original images that I once believed were too dark (until my new monitor revealed otherwise).

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