Thursday, April 19, 2007

Some (but certainly not all) of what I do the rest of the time...

Even though it seemed for a while that all I did was blog, I do have a life outside the blogosphere. Right now, I'm taking a brief break, but here are some of the things I've been up to lately besides worrying what I'm going to wear to a party tonight: Interviewing people for articles I'm writing, taking photographs, editing other people's writing, designing a web site, and, as always, pitching stories and trying to obtain more work, more assignments (if you want to hire a good writer, definitely get in touch with me!).

Yesterday, Neighbors, a special Wednesday section of the Wisconsin State Journal and The Capital Times, featured one of my articles (see scanned image below). Since it focuses on an upcoming Friends of the Madison Public Library book sale, I wanted to bring that event to your attention in case you need to increase the size of your personal library. But I also wanted to call your attention to the tiny print under the large photo of the president of the Friends organization: I took that photo. And while, as I wrote on my Flickr profile, I consider myself to be a writer, not a photographer, I've learned that a good photo will help draw a reader into my story, so I'm increasing my efforts to take photos -- and trying to become a better photographer in the process (really, the photos I take at the 45th reunion will be much better than those I've taken at other reunions).

And now its time to end this break and return to working on a report that needs to be finished by tomorrow. And, yeah, worrying about what to wear to that party...

Note: If that little photo of the library doesn't look familiar, it may be that you haven't been in Madison for a long time. The wonderful building on North Carroll Street behind Central High School was demolished years ago.

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