Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sharing my Easter candy: Part 2

Late Saturday afternoon: My kitchen floor is full of pastel shredded Mylar. My dining table is covered with an odd assortment of things: a white banker's box cover, a shiny decorated serving platter, some green Tupperware, a blue plastic cutting board, lots more pastel shredded Mylar, and a tempting collection of chocolates from James J. Chocolate Shop. Who knew photographing Easter candy could be so time-consuming?

Blame it on Flickr. Blame it on maki in Switzerland, whose illustrated story about making a chocolate Easter bunny on a Vespa started me thinking about Easter candy. Blame it on one of my Flickr contacts, sirwiseowl. He's the chap in New Zealand who invited me to join the Creative Tabletop Photography pool. And if I started out to be a bit of a contrarian, blame it on Bolobilly in Minnesota, whose "Got Milk?" photo started me thinking about cows.

I didn't have time to make my own chocolate Easter bunny. I wanted to contribute to the pool. And I wanted to stand out from the pack, show a little Wisconsin pride. Hmmm. How about an Easter cow from America's Dairyland?

Drove over to James J. Chocolate Shop on Friday afternoon. Was diverted from my mission by some Canada Geese across the street in the Arboretum. Took lots of photographs, then back to business: Bought a chocolate cow, some tiny white and dark bunnies for decoration. Couldn't resist temptation: Bought four coffee caramels with little beans on top that looked a bit like eggs, and two chocolate bunnies. I really didn't intend to buy any large bunnies, but I couldn't resist the saxophone player and the drummer.

Almost gave up when I couldn't find Easter grass (see Part 1 of this saga).

Back to Saturday afternoon. Checked out the action on Flickr. It seemed as if almost everyone was posting cool Easter photos. I forged ahead.

It's not easy being a food stylist. I took 85 photos: Decided there were five I was willing to show the world. One of them is near the top of this post. You'll have to head over to my Flickr account to see the other four. All I can say is thank goodness someone else is preparing Easter dinner. I'm bringing wine, chocolate, and, of course, my digital camera.

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