Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sharing my Easter candy: Part 1

It's a little after 6 p.m. on Good Friday and there's a traffic jam at my local Target store. Scores of red plastic shopping carts, anxious grown-ups, and whiny children are moving towards the rear of the store. Gridlock seems imminent.

What's left of the Easter treats and supplies has been stowed in a small area behind the food section. There are blue and pink Peeps, but nary a yellow one in sight. There are cream-filled chocolate eggs of the so-sweet they make your teeth ache variety. There are a few Easter baskets, an assortment tacky knick-knacks, and some packages of Easter egg dye. There is no, I repeat no! Easter grass.

I scurry over to the gift-wrap section, but crinkly, shredded green paper just won't do. Perhaps this is a sign. Perhaps I should just abandon my grandiose plans and just serve my chocolate bunnies Easter Bunny 2 for dessert on Easter Sunday. Forget about the photographs. Forget about posting some Easter photos on my Flickr account.

Can't do it -- at least not yet. One more stop: the discount greeting card and party store.

Find something labeled "Easter Grass" and it's absolutely disgusting looking: Looks like slimy Shamrock green noodles clumped together under great duress. Finally settle for some pastel shredded Mylar from the gift wrap section. The cellophane Easter grass from the days when I still believed in the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny exists only in my memory.

Tomorrow I'll preserve those bunnies for posterity.

To be continued...

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