Sunday, March 25, 2007

Writing jobs are going to keep me hopping (not blogging) this week

I'm going to be very busy writing during the upcoming week, but not for this blog. I have some writing jobs with tight deadlines and they take priority over blogging, taking photos, and answering non-business e-mail.

Whether you're here in the Madison area, or far away, I'd like to suggest that, since I'm going to be too busy to provide much reading material, you spend some time looking at photos of Madison. I recently accepted an invitation to join the Madison, Wisconsin Flickr group. Right now, it has 522 members who've posted 5,716 photos of Madison. There are some wonderful photos in this group and I think you'll enjoy looking through them.

Or if you haven't already done so, take some time to read the 33 obituaries for Central alumni I've posted thus far on the archives blog for obituaries published prior to 1990, including such recent additions as Ramon Coffman (Class of 1914), whose syndicated column "Uncle Ray's Corner" ran in newspapers for a record-breaking 62 years, and Gunnar Quisling (Class of 1929), one of the founders of Madison's Quisling Clinic.

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