Thursday, March 22, 2007

Woolworth's on the Square

Remember Woolworth's on the Square? It was less than a block away from Madison Central High School. Did you ever eat lunch there? Buy a tube of Tangee lipstick there? Or a bottle of "Evening in Paris?" Or was it just a place to sneak a smoke?

If you can't quite remember what interior of the store looked like, take a look at this photo by Angus McVicar, who also took many photographs for the Tychoberahn.


D Strand said...

I don't have to look. I remember all too well. I think that my brother Bob's second job when he was in high school at Central was there. Of course, my second job was much better at The Chocolate House. Both of our first jobs, of course, were umpiring softball for Gene Wendland and the Madison Rec Dept - a very good job and probably the best boss I ever had.
Sorry Dave!

D Strand said...

Of ciurse, you all know that Barbara Hutton was the daughter of Mr. Woolworth and became super rich. She gave away money freely to people she liked, a very good thing. So, it was kinda sad when I heard that she died in a hotel, alone, with only $5,000 left, and only 19 people came to her funeral! Read her book, "Poor Little Rich Girl"; maybe she mentions our Woolworth's Store!!

Anonymous said...

how well I remember shop there a lot however I went to east high and worked at woolworths in the first Madison shopping center oneast Washington ave .loved the went on to make a career at woolworths loved sure miss it when Christmas comes around