Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A vanishing breed: three obituaries for Madison Central High School Alumni

Central alumni are, as we all know, a vanishing breed. It's not often, however, that I find three obituaries in a local newspaper in a single day.

The obituaries section of this morning's Wisconsin State Journal includes three Central alumni, ranging in age from 56 to 98: Eric Russell Schwartz; Frank J. Rane, Sr., and Vincent J. Colletti. Collectively, their lives span almost three generations. Although none of the obituaries lists a class year, based on information in my copy of the 1924 Tychoberahn, Colletti probably graduated in 1927. Based on their dates of birth, Rane probably graduated in 1939 or 1940 and Schwartz probably graduated in the late 1960s.

Colletti and Rane both had strong ties to the Greenbush Neighborhood. You'll find a lot of local history in their obituaries. Rane's , for instance, mentions that, "He, with his lifelong friend, Nick Stassi, was instrumental in having placed a marker on the corner of Regent and Park Street in memory of the 'true heart' of the long-gone but not forgotten neighborhood known as the 'Greenbush.'"

Last spring, I took photos of this marker, but until recently I haven't had time to do background research on its origins and history. I've included one of these photos with this post. Eventually, I'll write more about it and include close-up photos of various sections of the marker, which feature short quotes and biographies of people who lived in the Greenbush Neighborhood, many of whom are Central alumni. I've also taken photos of the tiles surrounding the marker because they are inscribed with names of people who supported the creation of this marker. Again, many of them are Central alumni.

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Eric Schwartz was class of '69
according to my '67 TY

WJE '67ajfznf