Friday, March 02, 2007

"Torpid snow primates," ordinary polar bears, and other photos of particular interest to alumni of Madison's oldest high school

Just turned in two writing assignments, and now I'm too woofed out to write much more. Just in case you don't know what I mean, here's a brief etymology: When I was a kid, "all woofed out" meant tired from over-exertion, as would be the case with a dog who'd woofed so long he could no longer bark at all.

It's snowing again, and rather than head outside to snap photos of ice fisherman and post one on my blog (an activity which, rumor has it, has lured hundreds of Internet surfers to our fellow alumnus Madison Guy's blog to peer at "torpid snow primates"), I'm probably going to emulate the Henry Vilas Zoo polar bear on the left and take a nap.

But if you want to look at some new photos of Madison Central alumni, you don't have to wait until I awake from my beauty rest. Late last night, I posted some additional photos on the Class of 1966 Flickr account. Plus, I discovered that Gerhard Ellerkamp had mistakenly posted some photos from the 2007 All-Central reunion, as well as a couple of black and white aerial photographs of the Greenbush neighborhood on my Flickr account. Over the weekend, I'll move these photos to the new, Madison Central Alumni Flickr account. I'll also try to find out when and by whom the aerial photographs were taken.

So click away on those photo links, while I slip away for a nap.

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