Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Garlic, gossip, and the disappearance of Southeast Louisiana

This is fast becoming a "too busy to blog" week -- at least in terms of my ability to schedule time to research and write long, informative posts about local bars and pizza parlors of yesteryear. But every so often I do have to take a break and read a newspaper or two to find out what's been happening in the world.

During today's news break, I happened across an article in the New York Times about the why the odor of garlic lingers on your skin even after you wash, and a gossipy post on Gawker that I wouldn't bother to call to your attention if it wasn't about a Madison native -- actor Chris Noth, who left town long before it was time for him to enter high school, and whose mother, Jean Parr, appeared on the front cover of the 1948 issue of Life magazine that proclaimed, "Few people who have ever lived in Madison ever move away of their own free will.

The most interesting science article I happened across was an animated graphic about "The Rise and Disappearance of Southeast Louisiana" on the nola.com, the web site for The Times-Picayune in New Orleans. Lots of newspapers are trying to figure out how to move into the digital future, but too many are just adding blog, written by folks who can't write, expounding on boring, predictable subjects. This animated graphic clearly demonstrates that the folks in the Big Easy are among those really leading the way into the digital future.

Note: When you click on the link to the nola.com animated graphic, you may be asked for your ZIP code, age, and sex. If you can't remember where you live or when you were born, you can always claim to live in Beverly Hills (ZIP: 90210) and share a birthday with Paris Hilton (February 17, 1981). If you can't remember your sex, just make an educated guess.

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