Sunday, March 04, 2007

Breakfast and old boyfriends

Santos -- who lives in Guam, but frequently travels to Manila and Los Angeles -- blogs about food. This morning, her blog, The Scent of Green Bananas (tsogb), features a great short video about why we should eat breakfast, accompanied by some scrumptious photos of bread and pancakes. I've inserted the video (also found on YouTube) at the beginning of this post, but you'll have to click the link for tsogb to see the her photos.

Like many bloggers, Santos has more than one blog. It was on one of her other blogs, tales of the guambat, that I discovered this scary thought for the day. I'm not certain if you should read it before or after you eat breakfast.

1 comment:

Santos said...

(laughing) thanks for the link. and thanks for reminding me about that---gaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. seriously. HORRIBLE.