Monday, February 12, 2007

How I spent the Sunday before Valentine's Day -- Or, why I didn't attend the All-Central reunion yesterday

The way I see the world (or at least the part of it that's gone digital) underwent some profound changes yesterday. Thanks to some people who've made financial donations to support the blog, as well as the nudging and counsel of a fellow alumnus who knows more about photography than I ever will, I've purchased (on sale) a new monitor for my computer. Gone is the 10" CRT from long ago. In its place is a new 17" LCD monitor.

What was dark and difficult to see is now visible. Now I know, for instance, that those photos from the Class of 1966 reunion (some of which are posted on the Flickr acccount) aren't too dark -- it was just the way they looked on my feeble, out of date monitor. The same goes for my photos from the Class of 1965's 40th reunion. I've been castigating myself for taking such poor photos -- sometimes blaming my camera, but most of the time my own ineptitude. Yesterday, when I finally installed the new monitor (after finding the slip UPS had left a few days earlier, telling me they'd left it with a neighbor), I discovered I wasn't so bad after all.

One of the consequences of this monitor problem has been too many "bleached out" photos on this blog -- the result of my efforts to correct what I thought were lighting problems. Assuming that most of you are using monitors that are much better than the one I was using until yesterday, here's an example of the difference between the photo I actually took (which I thought was too dark, based on the way it appeared on my old monitor) and the photo I posted after I "lightened" it up a bit:

Original photo that looked way too dark on my old monitor

Edited version, lightened to make it look better (at least on my old monitor)

You should be able to see the difference quite clearly (if not, you probably need a new monitor). Needless to say, once I finished crawling around on the floor to install the new monitor, so could I.

So, if I don't write very many posts for a while, it will be because I'm reposting photos (taking down the pale, edited photos and replacing them with the not so bad after all originals.

Note: This only applies to original photos. Eventually, I may find time to make some adjustments to the scanned photos, too. Be patient.

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