Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ripped from the headlines: The demise of Bennett's smut n' eggs (no yolk)

Well maybe it's not headline news, but Rich Bennett's decision to close his bar at 416 S. Park Street was the focus of a recent Doug Moe column in The Capital Times.

Bennett blames Madison's smoking ban for the demise of his bar, known far and wide as the home of Smut n' Eggs. And far and wide is no exaggeration: The walls of the bar were covered with newspaper stories and national magazine articles about the bar's breakfast menu which offered items such as Smut Muffins and Eggs Bennett-dick, served against a backdrop of adult movies.

Bennett, told Moe that after the bar closed for good on February 25th, he planned to leave Madison. Asked where he was going, Bennett replied, "Portage, probably."

The good news for Madison Central High School alumni who enjoy attending the annual "All-Central Reunion" Rich sponsors at the VFW on Lakeside Street is that his plans to relocate to Portage won't affect this year's event, scheduled to begin at noon on February 11th.

For those of you who've never had the opportunity (or inclination) to sample Smut 'n Eggs at Bennett's bar, here is a list of links to some commentary and photos about this local institution:

Kendra at Dane101 writes about her first visit to "Bennett's infamous Smut-N-Eggs:

In an article about "Breakfast Hotspots" published in the February 2007 issue of Madison Magazine, freelance writer Kristine Hansen notes that, "Our waiter wore a plastic hat shaped like an, ahem, anatomy that only men have and donned a white T-shirt displaying cows in various positions."

cfarivar's Flickr photos features a collection tagged "smutneggs" including this photo of the menu

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