Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Political Question of the Day: "What is your favorite children's book or book series?"

Run for political office and you're likely to find yourself answering all sorts of questions intended to suss out the real person behind the political image -- or maybe just make you look goofy or lacking in taste and judgment.

This week's Isthmus "Take Home Test" asks Madison School Board candidates Tom Brew (Class of 1965) and Johnny Winston about how they would address the achievement gap. It also asks each man. "What is your favorite children's book or book series?" Tom's answer was "The Little Engine That Could."

How would you answer the question? Would your answer really reveal something important about you? Leave a comment (don't send an e-mail unless you want to wait a long time for a reply, since I'm coping with a large backlog + several writing deadlines).

I'm not running for anything, but I'll answer the "favorite children's book series" question:

One of my favorite children's book series was (and is) "My Book House" by Olive Beaupre Miller. My paternal grandparents had a complete set if the original six-volume edition. I inherited five volumes. No one in the family seems to know what happened to Volume I, "In the Nursery." I've been searching for a replacement, but can't afford to pay hundreds of dollars to recapture a bit of my childhood.

Now I need to step away from this diversion and return to work. Those deadlines are looming.

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