Wednesday, February 14, 2007

E-mail, string cheese, and other contemporary tales of Valentine's Day

Way back then, I would have spent the day hovering near the mailbox, waiting to discover whether he'd spent ten cents to send the card airmail. Now, all these years later, I can open my e-mail first thing in the morning and discover his animated Valentine, complete with music! And no, he didn't go to Central.

Times change. Not always for the better. The little Valentine shown here is from my collection of grade school Valentines -- the kind that required no postage at all. We just delivered them at school. And then we had Valentine's Day treats. As the always delightful Susan Lampert Smith noted in a column in the Wisconsin State Journal a few weeks ago, some "wellness" zealots have decided to ban cookies and cupcakes and other sweet treats in schools on Valentine's Day. Instead, school officials recommended low-fat, "healthy" treats such as string cheese and pretzels. Yuck. Clearly, no one was thinking about low-salt diets when they made those suggestions.

So how are you celebrating Valentine's Day? Or are you ignoring it? If you're still pining for that lost love from decades ago, have heart. Maybe it's not too late. Last month, the New York Times published a feature story about a couple who met in high school at a National Science Foundation summer camp, separated after they started college, and reconnected three decades later. And yes, dear reader, she married him.

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D Strand said...

Valentine's Day was sort of cancelled here in baltimore due to a severe storm. The first and worst of the winter. Florists lost most of their business, so the new mayor of Baltimore Jeanne Dixon is declaring this week-end, Valentine's week-end so the Florists can sell their flowers then. They may be half price. I have noticed some happy guys walking around today!