Thursday, February 22, 2007

Before the Brathaus

In my post about "The Case of the Missing Brathaus," I took note of a comment from "WormDr MCHS-64" who had provided some historical information about the Brathaus in response to a previous post. He wrote that the precursor to the original Brathaus was the Log Cabin. Here's an excerpt from his comment:

The Brathaus was built in 1953 on the corner of State and Lake. It replaced the Log Cabin which was a block up State Street more or less across the street from where the Pub is now.

If you're not old enough to have visited the Log Cabin, or didn't live in Madison back when the Log Cabin was still a fixture on State Street, never fear: I've discovered some photos of the exterior and interior of the Log Cabin, taken in 1931 by Angus McVicar, who also took many photographs for the Tychoberahn. Use the links to view the photos on the Wisconsin Historical Society's web site.

Thanks to the work of dedicated volunteers such as Ann Waidelich and Angus McVicar's daughter, Charlotte (Central High School Class of 1953), historical photos from the McVicar, as well as other photographers, are added to the WHS web site on a regular basis. Today, for instance I searched for photos using the key words "State Street" and found 228 photos. That's a lot more than I found a few months ago.

Click HERE to access the search engine for the photo collection. After you try "State Street," try "Rennebohm" (no need to use the quotation marks). If you remember the Rennebohm Drug Stores, you're in for a treat when you use this Wayback Machine.

Note: Thanks to Jerry Currie (who attended Central, but graduated from Madison East) for his support and encouragement, as well as the memories he shared with me today. Our conversation reminded me it was time to revisit the WHS web site to check out what photos had been added recently.

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