Monday, February 19, 2007

112 photos, 359 views and counting...

One more post, since I know you're probably not all that excited about my robo-caller rants and don't even plan to vote tomorrow because you're no longer in Madison. The Flickr account for the Class of 1966 tallies how many people have visited and what photos are the most popular (and no, it doesn't tally any information about who's visited, so don't worry, your secrets are safe).

A "view" is tallied if you click on an individual photo to enlarge it in your browser window. Based today's data, the members of the Class of 1966 people most want to see up close are Al Verdin and Angie Loniello & Monsine DiSalvo. Fast on their heels are Coach John Olson and his wife, Marlene. Now you know.

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