Sunday, January 14, 2007

We've moved to the New Blogger and started adding labels -- now it's back to bed

Just when it seemed as if my cold had vanished, some other nasty bug decided to bite. Very unpleasant symptoms. Very tired and cranky blogger who didn't feel very creative. Today, however, I decided to try something risky to alleviate my boredom: I switched the blogs to the New Blogger, even though I was worried about the possibility of everything (more than 1,200 posts total) vanishing during the move.

Except for some minor formatting problems, the move to the New Blogger seems to have gone well. In addition to a more stable system (so they say), the New Blogger offers labels. I've just started adding them, but since (hooray!) the New Blogger offers batch editing of posts, you'll find I've already added quite a few. And some other weekend when I'm sick, bored, and snowed in, I'll probably add more. Plus, I'll add them to new posts.

So why the excitement about labels? Well, if you click on a label, it will bring up all the posts with that same label. So, for instance, if you click on one of the labels at the end of this post, you'll find all the posts that mention Nancy Ellis, Larry Studesville, Doug Strand, or State Street. It's another tool for locating information that may interest you. Have fun. I'm going to rub some more Vicks on my chest and head back to bed.

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