Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Translation service

Have you noticed the five links near the top of the page (below the blog title and above the first post)? Wonder what purpose they serve? Or were you brave enough to click on them to find out for yourself?

If you studied a foreign language in high school (or in your life after high school), you may want to try out these new tools. Click on the language of your choice (French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, or Italian) and Google will translate the entire blog page (but not the material in the column on the right) you're viewing into that language. The translations are quite good, but not perfect: I wouldn't use them to complete a homework assignment.

Google is also working on other language tools for translating entire web pages: Japanese, Korean, and Russian are currently in Beta. If you're interested in Greek, Dutch, or simple Chinese, try the web-based translation services offered by Babel Fish.

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