Sunday, January 21, 2007

A photo-a-day: Number 7 - January 7, 2007 (belated posting)

Using the pumpkin catapult at the Treinen Farm near Lodi, Wisconsin (photo taken October 1, 2006 when I went to explore the Corn Maze)

The photo-a-day idea seemed like a lot of fun, but it rapidly became a lot of work. I couldn't maintain the pace I'd set and still have a life. So I took a break. I thought about abandoning the project altogether. Then I realized no one was forcing me to take a photo-a-day, write a lengthy post about it, and upload a whole flock of related photos on my Flickr account. Nope, it's my project and I can modify the rules.

The photos I post won't necessarily be ones I've taken the very day I post them. They may just be photos I think you might enjoy, accompanied by a brief caption. Every so often, I'll probably feel inspired or ambitious and revert to the original format.

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