Monday, December 25, 2006

Seriously: Merry Christmas!!

And yes, there is a "Central connection" here: one Tychoberahn editor and three future alumni.


Janet S. said...

One cannot mistake Fred Goff's eyebrows!

Janet S.

D Strand said...

Two of those gentlemen look a little disinterested. I'm guessing that the little girl in the lady's lap on the left side of the picture is you because noone else in the picture looks like you, Nadine. Can you tell us who everyone is?

Janet S. said...

I can name all but four people:

Front row, L to R:

Dont't Know, Kathy Goff Frost, Fred Goff Jr., Elaine Luloff Goff

Back row, L to R:

Don't know, Nadine Goff, Anna Nelson Goff, Wally Goff, Virginia Goff, William Goff, Fred Goff Sr.. and two Don't Knows

D Strand said...

Thanks for the details, Janet. I'm amazed that you know so much about the Goff family. Old Madison family photos are really interesting, I think. I'm just amazed that I could point out Nadine. I could only do it, of course, because I could tell it was an old photo so she must have been a baby. I think Nadine should have more old Central family pictures on the blog. It's part of Madison history as well as Central's. What do you think, Janet? (Nadine is on hiatus)