Wednesday, December 13, 2006

End of the semester report

No matter what you do, when you live in Madison time seems to be measured in semesters.The current semester is over -- at least for me. I just e-mailed my final exam material to my Photoshop instructor (and posted it here, below). I had to create an original image using "images that represent who you are" and my initials (with three special effects). Maybe I can figure out how to use the design on a business card. Or not.

Now I can start to catch up on my sleep, work on my Christmas cards and cookies, enjoy a bit of the unseasonably warm weather we're experiencing -- and probably resume blogging tomorrow.


D Strand said...

I give you an A+, Nadine for your final exam grade! If your instructor is from the Central class of 65, he will, too! Cards and cookies sound good. Are you going to send any back East, maybe?

Nadine said...

Doug --Flattery may get you somewhere, but it probably won't get you any cookies. By the time they travel the distance, cookies tend to end up as crumbs. A card may be forthcoming, however.

D Strand said...

It's December 27 and I still haven't seen that card. Maybe I should send one first. I did send you that e-Christmas card!