Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas gift ideas with Madison Central connections of one sort or another

It's too late to order an enormous custom-designed wooden troll, crafted by Mike Feeney (Class of 1963) for your front lawn this year, but there are some other gifts with Central connections you may still be able to acquire in time for Christmas giving.

Mike still has some limited edition collectible trolls that will fit nicely under the Christmas tree and cost a lot less than the big guys. Check out the Gardener Troll, The Transfer and Storage Troll, or my favorite, The Chicken Thief Troll. If you put a troll under you'll tree, you'll also have something you probably can't find in your Tychoberahn: Mike's autograph. All the trolls are signed by the artist.

Or if you're looking something a bit more exotic (or just plain weird), consider a handbuilt ceramic nose, "hung with multi-colored rat tail." If you're too far away from the shops in Mount Horeb that sell Mike's work, just use this link to order directly from The Wooden Chicken.

All the items I wrote about last Christmas, including CDs by Tracy Nelson (Class of 1963) and Gerri DiMaggio (Class of 1965), as well a DVD of "The Right Stuff," featuring Mickey Crocker (a.k.a. Mickey Gartland, Class of 1965), and slew of books by Patrick McGilligan (Class of 1969) are still available. Click HERE for more details. For more details about the DVD of "The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill," featuring a score by Chris Michie (Class of 1966), click HERE.

In the not too distant future, I hope you'll be buying books with my name on the spine to give to all your friends and relatives. Until then, I can suggest you treat yourself to a book that has my name inside (even if only once). They're all written by film critic and scholar Joseph McBride (who was once the roommate of Steve Wonn, a member of the Class of 1963) and they all merit your attention: "Searching for John Ford," "The Movie Book of Lists: An Offbeat, Provocative Collection of the Best and Worst of Everything in Movies," and "Whatever Happened to Orson Welles?" (twice!). Normally, I wouldn't be so audacious and self-referential, but hey! Time Magazine has declared me (and you) Person of the Year.

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D Strand said...

PERSON OF THE YEAR, ah. I'm going to try some of these websites: Wikipedia, YouTube, MySpace. I guess there's more out there than just! I guess we really are more egalitarian and productive because of the web, but will it really make the world a better place or just a faster place. Stay tuned for The Web 3.0!