Saturday, November 25, 2006

A visit to Monona Terrace, or it's always disappointing when a public space is closed to the public

Friday was a very nice day indeed, even if it wasn't as extraordinary as Thanksgiving Day. Since I had to make a trip to Downtown Madison to pick up my mail, I decided to bring my camera and take some photos of (and from) the William T. Evjue Rooftop Garden of the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center. Big, bad surprise: It was closed. In fact the entire building was closed, even though the Monona Terrace website says it's open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

There were also other disappointed people trying to visit Monona Terrace. I can go back another day, but most of the people I talked to were from out of town.

While trying to find an unblocked entry to the Rooftop Garden, I noticed a group of people using the covered walkway that connects the Hilton Hotel to Monona Terrace (see photo below), so I walked in that direction, thinking it might provide access to the Rooftop Garden via elevator. But the elevator was programmed to go down (to the lake level), not up to the roof.

I took the photo below through the glass of the walkway. I was looking east, toward B.B. Clarke Beach (which doesn't appear in the photo because it's farther to the right). The multi-storied building on the left is the Fauerbach Condominiums, built on the site of the former Fauerbach Brewery, which has a definite Central connection. Karl Fauerbach, a member of the family that owned and operated the Fauerbach Brewery in Madison from 1848 until 1966, graduated from Madison High School (later renamed Central High School) in 1917.

But my favorite photo of the afternoon has to be this one of the two children who climbed up on the railings to catch a good look at Lake Monona from the end of the walkway.

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