Tuesday, November 07, 2006

An elections specialist and some former elected officials

This photo appeared in an earlier post titled "Why Are these Guys Laughing?" It appears again today because this is election day and at least some of these guys -- maybe all of them -- held elective office. Do you remember which one was student council president? Did you know that one of them currently works for the Wisconsin State Elections Board?

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D Strand said...

Of course, it's Steve Holmgren on the elections board. Your link to the Board gives Steves phone number. I'll have to give him a call. I think his first love is basketball, though, not elections. I think that Steve liked playing for Mr. Olson (10th grade). He'd like playing for anyone who'd put him in the game as Mr. Olson did. He played him at head (point guard for a while. Steve needed some work on his quickness, shot, defense, and ball handling.