Sunday, October 08, 2006

More leisure suits and long dresses

Mother Nature beckoned again this weekend, so I didn't spend very much time indoors. When I finally did sit down at the computer, I became obsessed with eliminating the float drop problem. I think I've fixed it (at least for now). Of course now it's time to catch some sleep -- but rather than leave you with a "too tired to blog" photo, I thought I'd share a bit of our very own version of "That '70s Show" by posting this photo from the Madison Central High School Class of 1965's 10th reunion.

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D Strand said...

That must be Steve Arnett behind Bill, Doug, and Bob. I know the girl but can't quite recall her name without looking in my 65 Ty which I now keep at work in my cubicle. After scanning my Ty, I'd say the girl is Diane Hoffman, Bowling 11, Usherettes 10-12, etc.