Thursday, October 26, 2006

Halloween 2006 in Madison (a.k.a. "Freakfest")

I may get around to posting some thoughts on Halloween in Madison tomorrow -- after all, one of last year's posts about Halloween earned this blog its very first link. In the meantime, I thought I'd post this video from YouTube tonight, since it has to be viewed on a computer with a high-speed connection (e.g., DSL) or it will hiccup and keep pausing (or load so slowly you can't even play it) -- and I know most of you won't be at work over the weekend. Turn on your sound when you play it (but no too loudly or you may draw unwanted attention to your cubicle).

This is a 22 second video of a tiny slice of Halloween on State Street last year. If you're still in Madison, you're probably tired of reading about this year's plans for Halloween on State Street. If you're visiting from afar and want to know a bit more about what's happening this weekend (in addition to a UW football game at Camp Randall and a couple of hockey matches at the Kohl Center and the state teachers' convention), check out these links:

Dane 101 - Note: This link will take you to page one of four pages of abbreviated posts. If you want to read each post in its entirety, click on the highlighted (blue) link after "story" on each entry.

Isthmus (The Daily Page) - The first of several pages of links to stories published on The Daily Page

Isthmus (Madison Miscellany) - Includes many days worth of links to what other bloggers are saying about Halloween in Madison

WISC-TV's Channel3000 web site has a "Freakfest 2006" section that includes an interactive map showing all the

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D Strand said...

The video played fine on my browser. Thanks. But, I didn't see anyone I know on it, except the Werewolf, that was Bill Buffo! The girl looked strangely familiar. I think she has a Central connection!