Thursday, October 26, 2006

The East Junior High Cagers (circa 1962)

Even when I can't find what I'm looking for at the moment (a photo of a fetching redhead in a Halloween costume), I sometimes stumble across something else. The image below is a scan of a photo published in the Wisconsin State Journal on March 2, 1962. It shows the East Junior High basketball team that won the city championship when we were in the ninth grade.

But why put East guys on a Central blog? Two reasons: (1) more bait to attract Purgolders to this blog, so perhaps we can find out if that Class of 1965 still has class reunions and (2) there is a definite "Central connection" to one of the guys in this photo (and I'm not talking about my buddy from Marquette Elementary).

I've transcribed the caption, because the text on the image doesn't show up on a Google search (and someone must be searching for at least one of thse guys once in a while), but the transcription will. Here goes:

East Junior High school's basketball team, pictured above, won the city championship by winning 10 straight games. East beat Van Hise, 33-31, last week in the league's title game. Left to right: First row - Bill Blood, Bob Bosold, Chuck Wilcox, John Wilson. Second row - Bob Beach, Ron Gillingham, Bob Boyle, Coach Dick Steckelberg, Jeff Jackson, Don Verwiel, Ned Schoor.

Where are they now? I know Bill Blood is dead: His obituary was published in the Wisconsin State Journal on May 18, 2004. And I know where "Don Verwiel" is because he married a member of the Madison Central High School Class of 1965. The caption should have identified this player as John Verwiel. John married Judy Winner and they live near Milwaukee. Perhaps some of you can update us on the whereabouts of the rest of this championship team.


D Strand said...

Yes, I know most of these guys after having played with most of them in eighth, ninth, and tenth grades, and even a little in 11th and 12th. I am shocked that Bill Blood has passed away. He was the most valuable player in the Parochial School All-Star basketball game in 1961. He played for St. Bernard's. I was surpirised that St. Bernard's was not mentioned in the obituary. Several of the players on that team played in the Parochial School League in Madison: Bob Boyle, Bob Bosold, Blood and maybe more. I believe that Bob Boyle has past away. He was Coach Verlyn Belisle's favorite, of course, and a great player. Central lost to them twice in ninth grade. They were just too tall (Gillingham, Jackson) for us. I hadn't grown, yet. I could rebound a little better with them the next year!
Jim DeForest was a great player from Sherman who joined this group the next year.
I believe that the Central connection would be Ned Schoor, who was not a starter on this team and may have transfered to Central to get a little more playing time, which he never did.

Anonymous said...

Found the website by accident and have been spending the entire night looking at the links.Its great.Butch Ranzen class of 65

Nadine said...

Doug - The "Central connection" is John Verwiel (East Class of 1965), who married Judy Winner (Central Class of 1965). Ned, who lived down the street from me (and went to Marquette Elementary) stayed at East.

D Strand said...

That explains why Ned Schoor didn't get more playing time at Central; he never went to Central.
Butch, you spent all Friday night reading the links? Shouldn't you do that some other time? Shouldn't you be at Rusty's on Friday night?

D Strand said...

I remember John Verwiel best because of his sister who was a soda jerk at Charmlies in the 60's. She was a lot of fun, but she was always studying and taking No Doze to stay awake in her classes at East. I wish I had had some for Beda Mackin's History and Mr. Sherman's English. Just kidding. Miss Mackin's and Mr. Sherman's classes were great!