Thursday, October 26, 2006

The East Junior High Cagers (circa 1962)

Even when I can't find what I'm looking for at the moment (a photo of a fetching redhead in a Halloween costume), I sometimes stumble across something else. The image below is a scan of a photo published in the Wisconsin State Journal on March 2, 1962. It shows the East Junior High basketball team that won the city championship when we were in the ninth grade.

But why put East guys on a Central blog? Two reasons: (1) more bait to attract Purgolders to this blog, so perhaps we can find out if that Class of 1965 still has class reunions and (2) there is a definite "Central connection" to one of the guys in this photo (and I'm not talking about my buddy from Marquette Elementary).

I've transcribed the caption, because the text on the image doesn't show up on a Google search (and someone must be searching for at least one of thse guys once in a while), but the transcription will. Here goes:

East Junior High school's basketball team, pictured above, won the city championship by winning 10 straight games. East beat Van Hise, 33-31, last week in the league's title game. Left to right: First row - Bill Blood, Bob Bosold, Chuck Wilcox, John Wilson. Second row - Bob Beach, Ron Gillingham, Bob Boyle, Coach Dick Steckelberg, Jeff Jackson, Don Verwiel, Ned Schoor.

Where are they now? I know Bill Blood is dead: His obituary was published in the Wisconsin State Journal on May 18, 2004. And I know where "Don Verwiel" is because he married a member of the Madison Central High School Class of 1965. The caption should have identified this player as John Verwiel. John married Judy Winner and they live near Milwaukee. Perhaps some of you can update us on the whereabouts of the rest of this championship team.

Halloween 2006 in Madison (a.k.a. "Freakfest")

I may get around to posting some thoughts on Halloween in Madison tomorrow -- after all, one of last year's posts about Halloween earned this blog its very first link. In the meantime, I thought I'd post this video from YouTube tonight, since it has to be viewed on a computer with a high-speed connection (e.g., DSL) or it will hiccup and keep pausing (or load so slowly you can't even play it) -- and I know most of you won't be at work over the weekend. Turn on your sound when you play it (but no too loudly or you may draw unwanted attention to your cubicle).

This is a 22 second video of a tiny slice of Halloween on State Street last year. If you're still in Madison, you're probably tired of reading about this year's plans for Halloween on State Street. If you're visiting from afar and want to know a bit more about what's happening this weekend (in addition to a UW football game at Camp Randall and a couple of hockey matches at the Kohl Center and the state teachers' convention), check out these links:

Dane 101 - Note: This link will take you to page one of four pages of abbreviated posts. If you want to read each post in its entirety, click on the highlighted (blue) link after "story" on each entry.

Isthmus (The Daily Page) - The first of several pages of links to stories published on The Daily Page

Isthmus (Madison Miscellany) - Includes many days worth of links to what other bloggers are saying about Halloween in Madison

WISC-TV's Channel3000 web site has a "Freakfest 2006" section that includes an interactive map showing all the

Sunday, October 08, 2006

More leisure suits and long dresses

Mother Nature beckoned again this weekend, so I didn't spend very much time indoors. When I finally did sit down at the computer, I became obsessed with eliminating the float drop problem. I think I've fixed it (at least for now). Of course now it's time to catch some sleep -- but rather than leave you with a "too tired to blog" photo, I thought I'd share a bit of our very own version of "That '70s Show" by posting this photo from the Madison Central High School Class of 1965's 10th reunion.

Double click on this image to enlarge it in your browser window

Friday, October 06, 2006

Keeping up with alumni obituaries

Dick Daley (Class of 1966) sent me an e-mail today to make certain I posted the obituary for Jesse "Ed" Sprague, who was also a member of that class. I had already posted the obituary, but Dick may not have noticed it because there is no direct link to it on this page.

Since this blog was originally created to provide information for and about the Class of 1965, the only obituaries that are part of this blog are those of members of the Class of 1965 and some teachers and principals.

Once I created the Central History blog and began posting obituaries for members of other classes, I had to make some decisions about how to handle a large (and ever-increasing) amount of information and still make it relatively easy to locate. There simply wasn't enough room to add another long list of links in the right-hand column. That's why I created separate blogs to archive obituaries: one for obituaries published from 1990 to present and one for obituaries published prior to 1990. There are links to these two obituary archives underneath the list of obituaries for members of the Class of 1965.

The obituaries in the 1990 to present archives are listed in order by publication date (which in most, but not all, instances is within a few days of the death date). still does not have wonderful internal search engines, but if you use the Google search box in the right-hand column on the archives page and type in "madison central high school" (use the quotes around these four words) wisconsin and the name of the person you're searching for (I suggest using just the last name to start), you should find the obituary if I've posted it.

I check the local obituaries daily and post obituaries regularly. However, not every obituary indicates whether or not the deceased was an alumnus of Madison Central High School. If you see an obituary (in the local newspapers or elsewhere) and you know the person was a Central alumnus even though that information is not provided in the text, please let me know, so I can include it in the archives.

There are more than 450 obituaries in the 1990 to present archives. You can access a whole month's worth of obituaries (e.g, June 2001) by using the Archives pulldown menu in the right-hand column.

All obituaries published prior to 1990 are in a separate blog. Since Blogger doesn't allow me to create post dates any earlier than January 1, 1990, the obituaries in this archive are listed by the date they're actually posted.

The new Beta version of blogger has a feature called "categories" that will allow me to make it a bit easier to locate information. For instance, I will be able to create a category named "Class of 1966 obituaries" and clicking on that category should generate a list of all those obituaries. It's going to take me a while to switch to the new Beta version of blogger and begin to use the categories. I'll keep you updated on my progress.