Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paisan's Finally Opens at 131 W. Wilson Street

As of this morning, Paisan's website still says the new restaurant on 131 W. Wilson Street is opening soon. But according to some of the participants in The Daily Page Forum, Paisan's opened this past weekend. So if you've been craving a Garibaldi sandwich or a genuine, fresh Paisan's pizza ("We use onions in our sauce, is that ok?"), your long wait is finally at an end.

I haven't even been to Sardine, Madison's newest and hottest ("sets a new standard in Madison dining") restaurant yet. And since my friend Cheryl, the Paisan's fan, is still on her boat, cruising somewhere between Alaska and Vancouver, with no plans to visit Madison until Thanksgiving, I'm not likely to head to Downtown Madison for a pizza any time soon. If you dine at the new Paisan's before I do, leave a comment with your review.

And remember, a visit to Paisan's is not just about pizza and nostalgia. There's definitely a "Central connection." Yes indeed, one of the owners is an alumnus of Madison Central High School.

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