Sunday, September 24, 2006

Autumn is here and so is a letter from Ronna

Just checked the email for the blog and found a letter from Ronna Paris Moore, who misses the kind of fall color we enjoy in Madison. I couldn't find a link to the newspaper photo of the entrance to Vilas Park she mentions in her letter, so I've added one of my own to stir the memories of some of you who haven't been to Henry Vilas Zoo lately. Ronna's letter is posted below the photo.

Happy First Day of Autumn! This is the first cool, dry morning we've had in months and I think it's the first coolish first day of autumn EVER on the Suncoast! There have been all sorts of comments about it on the local news this morning. Unfortunately, cool and dry won't last long and we're getting pretty tired of the rainy season about now.

Well.. this morning, right there in my own little Bradenton Herald was a beautiful color picture of the entrace to Vilas Park in Madison! I see the beautiful colors have begun and I'm a little envious! This part of Florida usually gets a little "color" (other than green) in January when the Sycamores start to lose their green and begin dropping leaves.

I had the opportunity to visit Madison for one lovely afternoon this past June. I was facilitating a Schools Attuned training in the Chicago area for a week and met my wonderful brother, Chris, and his wife, Marla one Sunday morning in front of Franklin Elementary School. We spent the day visiting all the places we knew from our childhood. It was a very sentimental day, and I was especially touched by how little my own little neighborhood had changed. Madison is a beautiful city!

Well...I couldn't help but think of all of you, my fellow classmates, and wish I had had time to say "hello" in person, but it was just something that happened quickly! Now I'm wanting to take my two children to my "home" to show them where their Mom grew up; I think they would enjoy it.

Enjoy your beautiful autumn! Someone in the South is thinking about y'all. :-)

Ronna Paris Moore

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Stop by the Madison Central High School history blog for a glimpse of the era when Central played its football games at Camp Randall Field

I've been spending a great deal of time doing research and adding entries to the alumni obituary archives (published 1990 to present and pre-1990), as well as updating links and answering emails.

Tonight, I found time to add a post to the Madison Central High School History blog (a.k.a the All-Central blog) about the 1929-1930 football and basketball teams, whose members included Fred Miller, publisher of The Capital Times, and his twin brother, Frank Miller, a civil engineer whose Madison projects included the Camp Randall Shell and the Witte and Sellery Hall dormitory complex at the UW-Madison. The post is based on a letter written by Frederic "Bud" Rood that I found in the Custer files. Take some time to stop by the history blog and read this new post. You'll probably learn something new. For instance, did you know that Madison Central High School used to play its football games at Camp Randall field?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Paisan's Finally Opens at 131 W. Wilson Street

As of this morning, Paisan's website still says the new restaurant on 131 W. Wilson Street is opening soon. But according to some of the participants in The Daily Page Forum, Paisan's opened this past weekend. So if you've been craving a Garibaldi sandwich or a genuine, fresh Paisan's pizza ("We use onions in our sauce, is that ok?"), your long wait is finally at an end.

I haven't even been to Sardine, Madison's newest and hottest ("sets a new standard in Madison dining") restaurant yet. And since my friend Cheryl, the Paisan's fan, is still on her boat, cruising somewhere between Alaska and Vancouver, with no plans to visit Madison until Thanksgiving, I'm not likely to head to Downtown Madison for a pizza any time soon. If you dine at the new Paisan's before I do, leave a comment with your review.

And remember, a visit to Paisan's is not just about pizza and nostalgia. There's definitely a "Central connection." Yes indeed, one of the owners is an alumnus of Madison Central High School.