Thursday, August 24, 2006

Aw, shucks! The dregs of August

April may (or may not) be the cruellest month, but the dregs of August are surely the most lethargy-inducing days of the year. Summer's waning, but the temperatures and humidity remain oppressive. We've had thunderstorms and wailing tornado sirens for the past two days -- and there's more bad weather looming.

The soft fruit season is nearing its end and only the nectarines have been worth eating this summer. Chin drippin' peaches and plums that have no flavor won't be missed.

Lethargy seems to have engulfed much of the blogosphere. I'm not the only person who hasn't been posting very often lately. Most of my favorite bloggers -- and that includes fellow alumnus Madison Guy (whoever he is, he spent last weekend in Door County) -- have been less productive lately. Of course that means those of us who blog can't wile away our time reading each other's blogs as we contemplate the significance of our plunging Sitemeter statistics (is everyone on vacation?) and wonder if we'll ever again have the energy to write something meaningful.

Even some of the food bloggers, who seem to always be enjoying great meals and cooking up tasty treats have been sluggish. Santos has taken a vacation. The normally cheerful Clotilde vacationed in Barcelona and writes that one should never vacation in Barcelona in August because of the throngs of tourists (unless, of course, one is there because one had a not-to-be-missed opportunity to dine at El Bulli). Plus she had to contend with pickpockets and restaurants that overcharged.

Of course Clotilde lives in Paris, so she didn't need to fly to Spain. Right now, even though I can't afford to jump on a airplane and visit some faraway city, I don't even feel up to fantasizing about a trip that involves flying. Too much hassle.

The good news is that I found the missing 128MB photocard for my digital camera. The watch and book of poems are still missing. And now I'm also searching for a box of slides I took of The Wall of Respect at 43rd and Langley in Chicago during the late 1960s.

Labor Day is less than two weeks away right now. Somehow that unofficial end to summer seems to promise an end to lethargy. New seasons are just around the corner, whether you're a football fan, a theater-goer, or admit to a mild form of television addiction. Maybe Paisan's will even be open again by then.

Until then, even if I'm not writing very much, I'm getting ready to write -- doing research, organizing files, clearing my desktop, answering emails -- and erasing recorded messages left on my answering machine by whiny-voiced politicians worried about the September primaries (good way to lose my vote, honey!). So check back every so often --I suspect most of my fellow bloggers and I are just treading water, not drowning in lethargy.

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