Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

My cartoon role model has always been Brenda Starr, but tonight I'm behaving a bit like the Broadway incarnation of another funny paper redhead: Little Orphan Annie. I'm singing "Tomorrow" because that's when my DSL service is supposed to begin.

Forget about sipping pudding through a straw, my dial-up connect speed slowed down even more in the past few days. Now it's like trying to sip library paste through a straw. You remember library paste, don't you? Decades ago, it was the only stuff you were allowed to use to stick things together. You had to age a bit and learn to be responsible before you were permitted use Elmer's Glue or rubber cement. Admit it, like many an adventurous elementry school student you took a taste of the gloopy white stuff -- either because you were curious or because someone dared you to do it.

I hauled out my laptop to write this post, because for some reason it manages to connect at a higher speed. But I don't type well on the smaller keyboard and I miss my mouse, so using the laptop is not conducive to writing long posts.

So since I couldn't blog with ease, I decided to spend the long holiday weekend+ frolicking with friends and pondering weighty questions like these:

Just what kind of sliced fruit should one toss into the Sangria? Oranges? Lemons? Limes? All of the above?

Should I erase all the messages on my answering machine so it will again be functional? After all, when the DSL is all connected, my phone can ring while I'm online (no more busy signals if I'm blogging!).

Which of the many local 4th of July fireworks displays should I attend?

Fortunately, for those of you who want something more substantial until I have time to finish up some of my promised posts (which may be Wednesday evening), fellow alumnus Madison Guy (whoever he is) has been doing some serious blogging over the past several days. Although I read everything he writes, some of you may be more interested in his posts on the local scene than his commentary on language, art, and politics. If so, here's a selection of links to his recent posts with Madison connections (all of which are accompanied by photos)

The Vilas Park deathtrap (accompanied by a plea for your help)

Downtown Madison priorities and the Madison Public Library

A bicycle ride through Madison that includes photos of B.B. Clarke Beach and the partially finished sign for the new Paisan's location on 131 W. Wilson Street

A Midwestern logrolling competiton that has nothing to do with politicians (you do remember what you learned about logrolling in civics class, don't you?)
And while you're visiting Madison Guy, leave a comment or two. It's easy -- and it doesn't require trying to identify people who attended a Midwinter Dance at Madison Central High School more than 40 years ago.

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