Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday's remains will probably be gone by the weekend

Driving home early Tuesday evening, I passed University Square and decided to document the demolition progress, paying particular interest to the location that had housed Paisan’s for more than 30 years. I knew if I didn’t stop then, there might not be much to see in a day or so.

The entire odd-number side of the 700 block of University Avenue is surround by high fences with “sidewalk closed” signs. The fencing on the west side extends to the walkway near Vilas Hall, which used to be Murray Street way back when. Fortunately, the much-maligned bus lane (now only used by bicylces) on that side of University Avenue allows one to get fairly close to the action, making it easier to photograph.

Here are some images of what was left of the Paisan’s space at about 5:30 p.m on Tuesday, June 13, 2006:

Note: I posted an update on the new Paisan's location at 131 W. Wilson Street on July 19, 2006. Click HERE to go to that post.

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D Strand said...

I went to Paisan's almost everytime I came to Madison and I made a lot of phone calls from their public phone. At family reunions, my cousin from Wauwotosa wouldn't eat the potluck but have Paisan's pizza delivered to the reunion. I guess that means it was good. I've had pizza in a lot of places, including Frankfort, Germany, but Paisans is the best and the atmosphere of the place was the best for dates and family things. Those spicy seeds in the pizza gave it a unique flavor. I'll miss the olde place, but I'll enjoy the new one!!