Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Lost and Found

I can't find my wristwatch -- and while it's not driving me to distraction yet, its absence is becoming increasingly bothersome. The last time I recall seeing it was a few days ago. I was sitting at my computer and I removed the watch because it was interfering with my ability to type. Then, fearing it might become lost in a pile of paper, I remember picking it up and moving it to a safe place -- a place where it belonged, a place where I could find it easily when I again wanted to wear it.

Can't find the wristwatch. Checked all the usual safe places, as well as a number of places where, perhaps, it might have ended up by accident. It's disappeared.

The wristwatch joins a list that includes a 128MB photocard (in a small plastic container) that I removed from my camera bag and put somewhere safe, so it wouldn't get lost while I was dumping out the bag in search of spare batteries. There's also a beautifully illustrated book of poetry I bought in England that was, I'm quite certain, put in yet another safe place, where it wouldn't be scuffed and scratched -- and where, you guessed it! I could find it easily. Haven't seen it in many months.

Of course, in the process of hunting for lost and misplaced items, I often discover things I'd forgotten about entirely. Not dust bunnies and dirty socks, but objects of greater historical interest. The photo below emerged from a recent search for something else. I present it here for your delight and edification -- and to use the writing of this post a temporary respite from searching for things I need now, that will only appear when I'm looking for something else.

So reproduced here is a photo of the Madison Central High School Class of 1965 Sophomore Basketball Team. It's the original, purchased from one of Mr. Herried's end of the year sales of Tychoberahn raw material. If you still have a 1963 yearbook (the one with all the wonderful John Schmelzer art), the photo is on page 112. That's why I can tell you who's in the photo instead of igniting another discussion of who's who.

Front row: Dave Beckett (manager), Steve Holmgren, Jim Bakken, Doug Edmunds (yes, it says "Skip" in the yearbook), Don Fiscus, and Bill Buffo.
Back row: Charles Tortorice, Bob Fox, Jim Strand, Bob Stalder, Doug Strand, Dan Shapiro, and Danny Fix.

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D Strand said...

It's interesting to see that John Schmelzer lives in the home of Frank Lloyd Wright (Madison is he real home, of course) and Hillary Clinton.
Yes, quite a picture. But, I'm sure that you could have named all of the players and manager without your Ty. I know I could. I think we finished about 5 and 5 with some nice wins against West in the crackerbox, Janesville (only one school then, it became Craig) and Kenosha (only one school as well). East beat us twice though. They had too much size with Gillingham, Jackson, and Boyle.
It was Pete Olson's finest team, accept for his two state championship teams at LaFollette.