Monday, May 08, 2006

Strolling Around Lakeside Street Part 3: The Microcosm Book Store

On February 8, I drove to E. Lakeside Street to take a photo of the VFW building where the 2006 All-Central reunion would be held a few days later. Then, I strolled down Lakeside Street, camera in hand, to explore a bit of the neighborhood around Franklin School. Two days later, I posted a few of the photos I took during that stroll, accompanied by some explanatory text. But after those posts about Lakeside Fibers (housed in the former South Side Grocery Market ) and the Washington Island Hotel Coffee Room, other projects muscled their way to the top of my good intentions list and the rest of that stroll was deferred. Now, three months later, I'm revisiting it.

The Microcosm Book Store has been at 306 W. Lakeside Street, across from Franklin School, for more than 35 years. It's owned by astrologer Richard Koepsel.


Anonymous said...

The brick faced building used to be a gunsmith shop years ago. The red building was called "The Hut" when I attended junior high at Franklin School. The Hut served burgers, malts etc. Ronna (Paris) could tell us more about it. Her parents owned and operated The Hut. Before it became The Hut, it was a barber shop.

Bob T.

Anonymous said...

That's right....that little place belonged to my parents and my Dad ran it. Men would come from all around town during the winter to swap hunting stories while they ate my Dad's wonderful, one-of-a-kind-Chili. He was an enthusiastic storyteller himself and enjoyed the social part of the business as well as the cooking. The real name was the Lunch Box but everybody always called it the hut. It was certainly a cozy little six-stool, two top table kind of place and very much a part of my childhood and teen years.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed! I started Kindergarten at Franklin School in 1954. I remember eating at The Lunch Box. But mostly I remember their juke box, and when Buddy Holly's That'll Be The Day came out in 1957 I remember playing that record (5 cents, I think it was), until I wore it out! I lived with my aunt and grandmother on Van Deusen Street. I had another uncle a few doors down, yet another on Colby, and THREE uncles living on Lakeside Street. Some of my earliest memories... Regrettably, (even at the time), I had to leave after third grade.

K. Sabroff

Cynthia Nicole said...

The hut was always mysterious to me because all the older kids went there. I grew up on Lakeside Street in the fifties & sixties. I recognize the name Sabroff - i think we had some next door to us.