Thursday, May 04, 2006

Seniors in cyberspace

For many of us who entered Central Junior High School as seventh graders in 1959, they were the fascinating and mysterious Seniors -- people we rarely saw on the ground floor near our homerooms. People old enough to drive. People we saw at football games (on and off the field) or as actors or musicians performing on the stage of the auditorium. Possible role models. For some of us they were more quotidian: older brothers and sisters we saw every day.

Now the members of the Class of 1960 have their own website, created by Bruce Dietrich. You can read more about it in a post on the Madison Central High School history blog (and see a photo of Bruce and his fellow first string football team members) by clicking HERE. I've also added a permanent link to the Class of 1960 website. It's on the right side of this page under the heading "Class Reunion Notices."

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