Friday, May 05, 2006

More Midwinter Dance Madness

I'm tired and you're probably hungry. So here's a snack to keep you happy until I have time to cook up a longer, more creative post -- which may or may not involve a trip to the zoo.

The image below is the second page of Midwinter Dance photos from the 1965 Tychoberahn. As before, start counting with the photo on the top left. Then go down to the next row, continue counting across. Then down to the next row. You get the idea, don't you? There are 18 photos on the page. Jack Wake is in number two (2). Number four (4) features Michael Fullwod and Joanne Klein. Sue Seifert and Jim Kinder are in number twelve (12). Using this numbering system, let's try to identify all these couples. I don't know all the answers, but I do know a bit more than I've revealed thus far. Let the commenting begin! I'm headed for bed.

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D Strand said...

Without looking in the Ty, I can identify:

1. Bob Snell
2. Jack Wake
3. Tim Geisler and Rhona Paris
4. Mike Fullwood and Joanne Klein
7. Jim Hesterly
10. Jeff Martin
12. Jim Kinder and Sue Seifert
14. Pat Corcoran & Sue Debbs
15. (I know that guy!)
16. Sue Crumpton
17. Steve Arnett & Linda Fix
18. Bruce Victor

D Strand said...

Vickie Blaske (who use to always hang out with Bernice Shue) is with Bruce Victor in 18.

Nancy Ellis said...

1. Jo Ann Kinder
8. Nancy Jo Berg

Marlene said...

ll. Mike Gullotti