Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Making and Writing History: Two Central Alumni in the News

Yesterday, both Madison newspapers had stories about Central alumni that you'll want to read if you haven't already done so.

Wisconsin State Journal reporter Marv Balousek wrote a great story about Central graduate Bob Skuldt, a founding officer of the Wisconsin Air National Guard, who spent 35 years as director of the Dane County Regional Airport. Skuldt will be inducted into the Wisconsin Aviation Hall of Fame later this year. Balousek's story doesn't indicate what year Skuldt graduated, but since Skuldt is 87 -- old enough to have seen Charles Lindbergh land at Madison's Royal Airport in 1927 -- I'd guess it was sometime in the late 1930s. Leave a comment or send an email if you know the exact year.

The other Central alumnus to merit some local ink yesterday is Patrick McGilligan, president of the Class of 1969, the last class to graduate from Central (by then called Central-University High School) before it closed. Doug Moe's column in The Capital Times features an item about McGilligan's forthcoming book about film director Oscar Micheaux (1884-1951), the most prolific black filmmaker in American cinema. A prolific writer, McGilligan (photo on left) has written books about directors Alfred Hitchcock (A Life in Darkness and Light), George Cuckor (A Double Life), Robert Altman (Jumping off the Cliff), and Fritz Lang (The Nature of the Beast), as well as biographies of actors Jack Nicholson and Clint Eastwood. He's also co-authored (with Paul Buhle) Tender Comrades: Backstory of the Hollywood Blacklist.

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