Thursday, April 06, 2006

Egad! Another 10th Reunion Photo

This time I'm certain of the identity of one of the people photographed standing around the pool at the Park Motor Inn in the summer of 1975. The woman with the white fringed shawl is Kay Millward Luxem. Now, can someone identify the rest of the people in the photo? As usual, this is not a test. I don't know the answers (although I have a couple of hunches).


D Strand said...

Without looking in the yearbook or anything, the man who is third from the right with the tie is John Schaub and the man on the far right is Pat Mulhall.

Anonymous said...

Methinks the woman visible on the far left is Darlene Grignano. The woman between Kay and John is Sue Siefert. And, my eyes tell me the man Doug identified as Pat M. is Rick Mahoney.

Janet Stevens

Anonymous said...

The man to John Schaub's right is either Jim Kinder or Dick Zweifel. The man in the left foreground is Ralph Guerin.

Bob T.

Mary Jo McCarthy said...

Yes that is definitely Kay Millard and John Schaub. I should know the shorter girl with the long dark hair to the right of the photo but name escapes me. Maybe I'm getting old! Mary Jo Mc