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The Class of 1965 That Never Graduated

Change is never easy, but abandonment is surely more difficult. Students who began attending Wisconsin High School as seventh graders in 1959 weren't able to graduate from that school because it closed its door forever in 1964.

A few had already left Wisconsin High before its closing, but many transfered to other Madison public schools for their senior year. Some went to West. Some transferred to Central, the school with which Wisconsin High officially merged. Central was renamed for the second time in its history in the fall of 1964, when it became Central-University High School.

Since its founding in the middle of the 19th century, Central (originally named Madison High School) had strong ties to the University of Wisconsin -- even after the founding of Wisconsin High School. Members of the Central Class of 1965 can remember being pioneers (or pioneer subjects) in the use of television in the classroom or in team teaching. That's what arguably makes the last statement in "A Vignette of Wisconsin High School" just plain wrong.

But loyalty to your school is admirable, too. Jeff Mattox transferred to Central in the fall of 1964 and graduated in 1965, but he says he still identifies more strongly with the Wisconsin High School Class of 1965. Jeff maintains the Wisconsin High website, and has been involved in other projects to preserve the school's history. He also tries to keep track of the whereabouts of his former Wisconsin High classmates and organizes periodic get-togethers for members of the Wisconsin High School Class of 1965 that was forced to disperse before graduation.

The photo below shows the members of the Wisconsin High School Class of 1965 who began school together in 1959 as seventh graders. There would be additions and subtractions over the next six years, but this is the core group. The photo also appears on the Wisconsin High website (along with lots of other interesting material), but since many of its subjects are also members of the Central High School Class of 1965, and since both Jeff and I are searching for some of the people in this photo who've become "lost" over the years, I hope it will stir some memories and bring some responses.

Here's a reiteration of the photo's caption, which should help search engines find these names. I've added first names in many instances, if you can help me with first names for the rest of the seventh graders in this photo, please leave a comment or send an email.

ROW 1: Mary Revell, Greta VanDort, Lucile Newbold (a.k.a. Sherry Newbold), Carol Vogelman, S. Stanley, Allison Brooks, C. McCaffrey. ROW 2: B. Stoops, C. Naeseth, E. Meissner, Milt Cohen, Phil Icke, Jackie Lefco, Karl Siebecker, B. McKee, M. Millenbah, Pat Schram. ROW 3: Mr. Newton, S. Miller, Francie Tempkin, Gail Beuchner, J. Clark, Larry Roth, E. Edwards, S. Clark, C. Curtis, Doug Edmunds, M. Foster, J. Burris, G. Woolard. ROW 4: Tom Wolfe, Dean Urben, T. Tripp, Neil Bohrod, T. Allen, S. Herb, J. Higuchi, Patrick Mulhall, J. Johnson, T. Johnson, T. Lewis, Gordon Worley. ROW 5: Richard Meskill, D. Schultz, K. Bleadel, Carl Marquart, Greg Sample, Gene Maddrell, Gerald Schultz, R. Hitchner, M. Smith, Carter Brunsell, Jeff Mattox.

Note: The names of the "lost" classmates are in boldface type. However, Jeff has some more classmates he's looking for, and you can find that list by clicking HERE. I'm still trying to find many "lost" classmates from the Central Class of 1965, and you can see the most current list of the missing by clicking HERE. Patrick Mulhall is on both lists. All other sightings of "lost" Wisconsin High students should be reported to Jeff Mattox; you may access his email from the Wisconsin High home page (shown on the left under "contact me").

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